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240 hours
of Coaching with Professors

1200 hours
of Workshops with Trainers

10 hours
Online training

Trading psychology testing and counseling

200 hours
of life coaching

Review of the Journal of trading

300 hours

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Since 2004

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Since 2018

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Trading Holy Grail in Financial Markets

In any specialty, success consists of 70% skills and 30% knowledge. Free Chartical Tutorials, the result of two decades of trading experience, may make 30% of your route.
To achieve the other 70%, which is a prerequisite for reaching the Holy Grail of trading, you must take our skills course.

A special offer

  • We all know that watching a video and reading a book does not provide the necessary skills in any profession or specialty.
  • In order to earn a great and continuous income, one must have skills, and skills can only be acquired through training with a coach.
  • Gain complete trading skills by practicing in live coaching of coaches and chartical teachers.
  • You will advance at least 10 years of professional life.