Ahmad Reza Jabalameli

I am Ahmadreza Jabalameli. I have 17 years of trading experience in various trading markets. After extensive usage and numerous trials and errors with various methods of technical analysis, I came to the conclusion that trading with analytical methods would not be successful and the principles and rules of trading are completely independent from analytics.

It took me 5 years to learn and understand a variety of technical analysis techniques according to Elliott, William Gann, Ichimoku, Fibonacci, Andrew Pitchfork,  Bill Williams, Williams Alligator, Candlestick method, Harmonic and Classical patterns and so on. My main criterion for choosing a trading method had been continuous profitability without expiration date and away from any complexity and waste of time, and I achieved that through Price Action.

References of studies and researches

Jabalameli Price Action is derived from two modern sciences – Behavioral Finance and Behavioral Economics, that very simply and powerfully show you the clues for identifying the footprints of great traders and their gross money. This means achieving the Holy Grail of financial markets.

Richard Wyckoff

The Legend of Wall Street (Father of Price Action)

George Arthur Akerlof

Daniel Kahneman

Thomas J. Sargent‎

Alvin Elliot Roth

Eugene Francis "Gene" Fama

Robert James "Bob" Shiller

Richard Thaler‎


  • Behavioral Finance
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Trading Neurology
  • Designing the models of risk management
  • Designing the trading tools (Suitable for organizations and traders)


  • Educational cooperation with Farabi Broker in 2016
  • Educational cooperation with Dynamic Isatis Broker in 2016
  • Educational cooperation with Asasarmaye Institute in 2017
  • Educational cooperation with Isfahan Stock Exchange Specialized Complex in 2017
  • Educational cooperation with Isfahan Stock Exchange Specialized Center in 2017
  • Educational cooperation with Antique Applied & Scientific university in 2017
  • Educational cooperation with Islamic Azad University of Shiraz – Firuzabad in 2018
  • Educational cooperation with Industrial Management Organization of Tehran in 2019 for Jabalameli Price Action training
  • Acquiring a license to publish a comprehensive book on trading training with Jabalameli Price Action in 2019

Activities and successes

  • Ideating and designing tools to calculate the market depth ordered by brokers
  • Ideating and designing trading toolbox system
  • Ideating and designing Trading Smart Robo-Advisor
  • Ideating and designing trading assistant calculators
  • The author of “Jabalameli Price Action”
  • Trading in various financial markets for 17 years
  • Making rich and constant profit for several consecutive years along with 2-year trading records
  • Organizing over 50 online and in-person stock trading training courses (up to 2019)

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Hi. I am Ahmadreza Jabalameli – the founder of Chartical and Sentimental Systems, the founder and the owner of the first, largest and most professional set of financial markets trading training (Chartical Trading Center) in terms of variety of effective training and skills services, duration of support and quality of content and services with the highest standard in this field and also the founder of sentimental trading study, which I later changed to Chartical.

I guarantee 200 million bonuses if you find the key support that has been offered on such a large scale before us.

In this article, I want to tell you about Price Action. I am sure that after reading this article, your path will change completely because you will consciously realize what the real way to succeed is to gain wealth through trading.

First of all, I will tell you about my 17-year trading career until I came to Price Action and continuous incoming in US dollars.

I got acquainted with Forex in 2004, describing its benefits to me as such a dream that I quickly started searching on the Internet. At that time, many people in Iran had not even heard of Forex, and when I told them, they thought it was a kind of pyramid scheme.

After I had found out more about it by searching the internet, I bought a book and was reading it for a week. I felt victorious. I told myself that I was young and intelligent. I also read the book of this work and learned it completely. Opening an account in a broker is also simple, so I can reach all my goals easily.

When I opened an account, I started trading in the demos based on the recommendations I had read. At first I was satisfied, I said I had just started and surely my trades would gradually get better and I would make the profit I wanted, but every day and week and month, it was mostly proven to me that I still did not know anything.

This was the beginning of my search for the holy grail of trading.

I started downloading, reading, and testing every PDF and info piece I found on the Internet from internal and external sources in the market. I went from a bookstore to a bookstore to buy and read books on different types of analysis and strategy. I participated in various courses. As I progressed, I became more and more familiar with indicators, oscillators, patterns and various analytical methods.

Not to mention that, of course, at the age of 20, I was using different strategies and combinations of all kinds of patterns, indicators and oscillators with various settings in different time frames and experts that I was familiar with on external and internal sites.

I got to the point where there was no analytical method, strategy, pattern, indicator, oscillator, or expert that I had not tested on different combinations and settings in 6 timeframes for at least a month, and I could not find anything new.

This course was lasting for 5 years for me. I was spending at least 12 hours a day for 5 years and tried all the technical and fundamental methods, and any method you can think of.

Gradually I came to the conclusion that the way I had chosen was completely wrong, because even though I used everything correctly and completely, and according to the principles defined for them, I did not achieve the desired results, at least not to the claims that were made about them.

Gradually, my chart became so secluded that I no longer traded with a blank chart. The more inefficiency of the indicators and technical and fundamental methods were proven to me, the more I became acquainted with external sources about Price Action. And I got to the point where one day I put them all aside and continued with my empty chart, and I set all my focus on Price Action.

The more I worked with Price Action, the more I saw its beneficial effect on my trades. Of course, this also had many strategies, different traders had combined some kind of indicator, support, resistance or something else, and claimed that it was better. However, I did not believe it anymore and kept my blank chart and continued searching.

Sometimes there were people who expressed Price Action much better than others, in a more original and realistic way, but still not in a 100% complete way. And each of them had their own reasons that I cannot tell you about all of them in this article. And that was when I got acquainted with modern economics and followed scientific sources directly; the sources that clarified the difference between trading and analysis, the distance between reality and fantasy,and the root of trading knowledge.

I introduced the most important of these sources on page “About Us” of the website .

After the first 5 years, I have been studying only up-to-date international sources of trading for 8 years. Over the years, Price Action has been my constant method for trading and I have made stable and continuous profit in my trading. The connection I found with some brokers and financial and trading institutions during these years led me to combine a decade of experience with studying up-to-date international and some academic sources and the facts of the mechanism of brokers and financial and trading institutions regarding the structure of markets and prices, and finally I have the holy grail of trading – that is, Chartical, and it is in front of you.

The Holy Grail that is still being made more magical.

In the second period, after trading and success and achieving financial goals became my daily routine and the world of isolation and loneliness bothered me, I decided to follow my grandfather’s will and to become a teacher. Financial goals and success no longer appealed to me and had become a constant routine without excitement. However, teaching others was a world I enjoyed just as much. If you are interested, you can fully understand why I was attracted to education in this video.

I have been training seriously for 4 years now, and because I myself have gone through so many detours and endured so many hardships to finally find the right path, I am fully acquainted with both the challenges and the needs of those interested in these markets. I know very well what and how they can achieve their goal directly without wasting their time, money and nerves.

This led me to build the Chartical Trading Center – the largest, most professional and the first trading training set in the financial markets – in terms of a variety of effective training and skills services, duration of support and quality of contents and services; And I am proud to serve the people, a service whose enjoyment is greater than its greatest benefits.

The high standard of my training set created a new standard in this field and the seekers of knowledge and trading skills chose this standard as a criterion for choosing their source of training.

My skills training and services are based solely on the Price Action I have made for myself over the years, and when the time came to choose a brand for my style, I chose Sentimental, which has now become Chartical.

Why did Sentimental become Chartical?

Since this method is entirely based on price behavior (the behavior of other traders on the market) and financial behavior, the best word for it is “Sentiment”, but because I wanted it to be in harmony with the technical and fundamental words, I chose Sentimental, even though it was a wrong choice due to its wrong semantic load. When I had trouble registering it globally, I chose Chartical instead of Sentimental for my method, because it does not require anything other than a blank chart for trading decisions and has a good consonance with the technical and fundamental words, and finally I was able to register this name for my trading method.

And I’m proud that Chartical Collection provides MBA and NDA certifications for its students.

I sincerely thank all the professors and loved ones who have played their roles in my teaching and learning during these years.