I am Ahmadreza Jabalameli, with 19 years of experience in various trading markets. After extensive use and numerous trial and error attempts with various technical analysis methods and financial indicators, I have come to the conclusion that trading with classical financial methods will not be successful. Trading has its own principles and rules that are entirely separate from analytical methods.

It took me 5 years to learn and understand various methods such as Elliott Waves, Gann, Ichimoku, Candlestick patterns, Fibonacci, harmonic and classical patterns, Andrews, Pitchfork, Bill William’s methods, Alligator, and more. In the end, I arrived at trading with a clean chart, and based on that, price action became the closest method to my choice.

The primary criterion for me in choosing a trading method was consistent profitability without an expiration date and free from any complexity and time waste. This was achieved by relying on price action and market order flow (behavioral finance), which ultimately led me to choose the name ” Chartical ” for my method through personalization and purification.

Certificates of approval from international conferences

One of Chartical’s achievements is that we are the first and only organization in the world that works on the psychological and therapeutic aspects of trading in a scientific and academic manner. This has been well-established and validated by certificates and registrations from reputable international conferences on economics and psychology held in countries such as England, Germany, France, and more.

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Study and Research Resources

Chartical, founded by Jabalameli, is rooted in behavioral finance, which provides you with a simple and powerful way to reveal clues about the movements of large sums of money. This means achieving the holy grail of financial markets.

Richard Wyckoff


The Wall Street Legend (Father of Price Action)

George Akerlof

George Akerlof
Nobel Prize in Economics 2001

Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman
Nobel Prize in Economics 2002

Thomas J. Sargent

Thomas J. Sargent
Nobel Prize in Economics 2011

Alvin Elliot Roth

Alvin Elliot Roth
Nobel Prize in Economics 2012

Eugene Fama

Eugene Fama
Nobel Prize in Economics 2013

Robert J.Shiller

Nobel Prize in Economics 2013

Richard Thaler

Richard Thaler
Nobel Prize in Economics 2013

Ahmadreza Jabalameli, Founder of Chartical

Hello, I am Ahmadreza Jabalameli (founder of Chartical and Sentimental)

In this article, I want to talk to you about Price Action. I’m confident that after reading this piece, your path will change completely because you will consciously realize what the real road to success in wealth accumulation through trading is.

First, I’ll share my 19-year journey as a trader with you, up to the point where I reached Price Action and a steady stream of income in dollars.

In 2004, I was introduced to Forex trading, and its advantages seemed almost dreamlike. I was so captivated that I immediately started searching the internet. Back then, many people in Iran had never even heard of Forex, and when I mentioned it to them, they thought it was some sort of pyramid scheme.

After researching more about Forex trading online and gaining confidence in it, I bought a book and read it within a week. I felt very optimistic and confident, telling myself that I was a young and intelligent person who had learned everything from that book. I thought, ” Opening an account with a broker is easy, so I can achieve all my financial goals effortlessly

When I opened my account, I followed the recommendations I had read and started trading on a demo account. At first, I was satisfied and told myself that I had just started, and over time, my trades would get better, and I would reach the profits I desired. However, every day, week, and month, it became increasingly clear to me that I still didn’t know what I was doing.

This marked the beginning of my quest for the Holy Grail of trading.

I began to systematically download and read every PDF and study material I could find online from both local and international sources. I tested them in the market, scoured bookstores for various books on different types of analysis and strategies, and enrolled in various courses. The further I progressed, the more I became acquainted with indicators, oscillators, and various analysis methods and patterns.

I can’t overstate it when I say I used a multitude of different strategies, combined all sorts of patterns, indicators, oscillators, and tried countless settings across various timeframes. I also utilized expert advisors I discovered on both foreign and local websites.

I had reached a point where I had tested every analysis method, strategy, pattern, indicator, oscillator, and expert advisor under various combinations and settings on at least six different timeframes for a minimum of one month. I couldn’t find anything new anymore.

This period took me 5 years, during which I dedicated at least 12 hours daily to it. I tested all technical and fundamental methods, as well as every imaginable approach.

Towards the end of this period, I was slowly realizing that the path I had chosen was a mistake. I was using everything correctly and according to the principles defined for them, but I was never achieving my desired results, nor even the claims made about them.

Gradually, my charts became emptier and emptier until I reached a point where I was trading with blank charts. This was because, as the ineffectiveness of technical and fundamental analysis, as well as indicators, became more evident, I delved deeper into external resources about price action. Eventually, I abandoned all of them and continued with blank charts, focusing solely on price action.

The more I delved into price action, the more I saw its beneficial impact on my trades. However, even price action had various strategies. Each trader had combined it with their own indicators, support and resistance types, or other elements, each claiming to be superior. But I no longer believed in those methods and kept my blank charts, continuing my quest.

During this period, there were traders who explained price action better than others, that is, more authentically and realistically, but still not 100% complete and authentic. Each had their reasons, and it’s beyond the scope of this text to detail them. This was the time when I became familiar with modern economics and directly pursued academic sources, sources that clarified the difference between trading and analysis, the gap between reality and imagination, and the fundamental roots of trading knowledge.

After the initial 5-year period, it had been 8 years during which I was only studying up-to-date international trading knowledge. For years, price action had been my consistent approach to trading, leading me to stability and continuous profits in my trades. The connections I had established with some brokerages and financial institutions over these years, along with the combination of a decade of experience and current international resources, sometimes academic, allowed me to finally have the holy grail of trading in front of me, which is Chartical.

The holy grail that is still becoming more magical.

In the second phase, after trading and financial success had become my daily routine, and the world of isolation and loneliness bothered me more, I decided to follow my grandfather’s advice and become a teacher.

Financial goals and success no longer held any appeal for me; they had turned into a monotonous routine without excitement. Teaching others, on the other hand, was a world where, by educating anyone, I found as much enjoyment as achieving profit.

It has been 8 years since I’ve been seriously involved in education. Because I’ve gone through numerous dead ends and endured many challenges, I have a comprehensive understanding of both the challenges and the needs of those interested in these markets. I know what can help them achieve their goals directly without wasting their time, money, and nerves.

This led me to establish the Chartical Trader’s Society, the largest, most professional, and first educational platform for financial market trading. I aimed to create a platform that excels in diversity of educational services, effectiveness of skills, support duration, and the quality of content and services. It’s my honor to serve people, and the joy I derive from it is even greater than the most significant profits.

The high standards of my educational platform have led to the creation of a new standard in this field. As a result, those seeking knowledge and trading skills consider these standards as criteria for selecting their educational source.

My educational services and skills are solely based on Price Action, which I have developed for myself over the years. So much so that many of my students know me by the name ” Father of Price Action in Iran” When the time came to choose a brand name for my own trading style, I selected “Sentimental,” which later transformed into ” Chartical “;

Why did Sentimental transform into Chartical?

Because this method is entirely based on price behavior (the behavior of other traders present in the market) and financial behavior, the best term for it is ” Sentiment ” However, since I wanted it to have some resonance with technical and fundamental terms, I chose the name ” Sentimental ” Although it was a wrong choice due to its misleading connotations, when I encountered difficulties with global registration, I chose the name ” Chartical ” instead of ” Sentimental ” for my method, because, other than a blank chart, it doesn’t need anything else for trading decisions and it has a suitable resonance with technical and fundamental terms. Ultimately, I was able to register this name for my trading method.

I am sincerely grateful to all the professors and dear individuals who, in any way, played a role in my education and learning over the years.

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I have read and accepted all the laws and regulations

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Terms And Conditions of Chartical Collection

Risk Disclosure:

Executing transactions in financial markets, including stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, futures, and so on, may lead to significant losses to your capital, and in some cases, the loss of all the capital you have in the market. Therefore, any transactions in these markets should only be conducted within the framework of accepting and acknowledging all existing risks, as well as implementing capital management techniques. Furthermore, any educational materials, content, tools, opinions, and analyses provided by Ahmadreza jabalameli, instructors, mentors, and any of the learners of the Chartical collection and website regarding education and trading positions in any educational environment of this collection, whether online or in-person, as well as web-based services or related software, are solely for educational purposes. They should not be considered as a recommendation for buying or selling in any way, and due to the unavoidable risks of trading, they may result in losses and the loss of your capital.

Given the general nature of all trading markets, partial loss is an inseparable part of trading outcomes and the performance of all traders who engage in trading using various methods or tools. Therefore, naturally, there is a potential for loss in any trading method employed in the market. The Chartical collection by jabalameli is purely an educational series aimed at enhancing the knowledge and awareness of individuals interested in financial markets. It has no intention of encouraging or promoting entry into markets or conducting transactions in them. The use of the materials, content, tools, support, coaching, workshops, etc., whether in an online or in-person environment, entirely depends on the interpretations, learning, skills, and abilities of each individual learner and consumer.

Additionally, we would like to remind you that all content, tutorials, tools, and support, whether provided for free or with payment, are strictly for personal use. The user or learner has no right to publish, teach, provide signals, or analysis to others, or even share their user panel and tutorials with any other person. In the event of any violation, legal action will be pursued based on copyright and intellectual property rights, resulting in the termination of the user's access to all services. In such a case, any payment made to the Chartical collection or Mr. Ahmadreza jabalameli will not be refunded to the offending party, and the right to object is not applicable. Violation of copyright constitutes a unilateral breach, and it waives any right to objection or complaint.

Advertisements, software, or companies recommended by Mr. Ahmadreza jabalameli or the Chartical Collection by jabalameli are presented solely as suggestions to facilitate the learning and use of learners. Accuracy, speed, correctness, and support for any performance or provision of services or data are not the responsibility of Ahmadreza jabalameli or the Chartical Collection. The research and responsibility for the use of these software, data, or companies are entirely the responsibility of the user. The user's or learner's use of any of them is considered an acceptance of risk and responsibility, and there is no liability or commitment for Ahmadreza jabalameli and the Chartical Collection. The right to object and complain against them and the Chartical Collection is expressly waived.

The opening of a trading account or any form of collaboration with any of the brokerage firms or exchanges recommended by Ahmadreza jabalameli or the Chartical Collection requires and implies the acceptance of the terms, regulations, and the text of the brokerage or exchange contract and agreement in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. All accuracy, correctness, and speed of services or support are entirely performed and monitored by the respective companies. The opening of an account or collaboration with brokerage firms or exchanges is considered the responsibility of the user, and there is no commitment or liability for Ahmadreza jabalameli or the Chartical Collection. The individual has expressly waived the right to object or complain against them and the Chartical Collection.

Terms and Conditions for Course Registration Refund:

Chartical's tutorials, content, tools, coaching sessions, workshops, products, and any services provided are likely to be beneficial and effective for individuals who actively engage in the learning process, follow the defined procedures, and implement the recommendations and exercises regularly provided by Chartical Collection by jabalameli. Most importantly, individuals are encouraged to maintain a journal (journaling) as part of the routine, as it plays a vital role in the regular and effective assessment by Chartical Collection experts. Through the review of the respective journal by the experts, strengths and weaknesses can be evaluated. Full refunds are only possible within 7 days of purchasing services or products.

To initiate a refund, you must contact Chartical through the ticket system or user panel messaging. You will need to go through the identity verification process and provide purchase confirmation documents. If you do not have any proof of payment, such as a payment receipt, the refund process will not be possible. In such cases, the buyer forfeits the right to raise any objections or complaints. The refund procedure requires submitting the necessary documentation and following the identity verification steps for the refund to be processed.

The refunded amount will be deposited only into the account from which the purchase was made.

Physical products, downloadable items, video or in-person training courses, workshops, coaching sessions, and all other services provided by Chartical are non-refundable and cannot be returned under any circumstances, even within the 7-day period. This is because these products are either copyable or the underlying services are immediately provided by Chartical Collection and Mr. Ahmadreza jabalameli to the consumer upon purchase. The associated infrastructure costs for these services are paid for by the consumer at the time of purchase. Just like the example of a monthly internet package purchased by a consumer from an operator, where even if the consumer does not use the service for a single minute, there is no refund from the operator. Similarly, due to the immediate provision of services and the payment of infrastructure costs by the consumer to Chartical Collection and Ahmadreza jabalameli at the time of purchase, there is no possibility of any refund for all the mentioned services and products.

Chartical Website Ratings

The points you receive in interactions with the Chartical website, referred to as 'Dollars,' are virtual and can only be used within this website. They hold no value outside of the Chartical Academy website and are not withdrawable.

Due to social security concerns, the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and, more importantly, the privacy of learners, instructors, and mentors, we are unable to provide transaction details or transaction history. In the event of repeated requests, creating disturbances, or any form of interference, access for the offending individual to all services will be terminated. No tuition/fee paid by the consumer will be refunded by Mr. Ahmadreza jabalameli or the Chartical Collection. The repetition of such requests constitutes a unilateral termination of the agreement, and the offending individual waives the right to any objection or complaint.

Simultaneous attendance in multiple classes is prohibited due to the infringement of the rights of other learners. Any violation will result in a 5-day suspension of access to Chartical services.

Any exchange of contact numbers or group links (WhatsApp, Eitaa, Rubika, Bala, Telegram, Clubhouse, Twitter, etc.) between learners and mentors in the online workshop environment, live coaching sessions, and the online education system is strictly prohibited. In the event of the first violation, access for the individual or individuals involved will be suspended for 1 month. Continued violations will lead to a permanent suspension of the learner's access to services and products of the Chartical Collection. No tuition/fee paid by the consumer will be refunded by Mr. Ahmadreza jabalameli or the Chartical Collection. Such actions constitute a unilateral termination of the agreement, and the offending individual waives the right to any objection or complaint.

"Any initiative by a learner to seek approval from mentors for the purpose of entering a trade or requesting signals or confirmation of entry points, or obtaining approval from a mentor to engage in a transaction, will result in a warning and suspension of access to services for one month. Continued violations will lead to a permanent suspension of access.

When a learner takes the initiative to teach Chartical educational topics, whether in full or selectively, in any environment, after using Chartical educational facilities, the Chartical Academy considers this action as completing the learning process. Therefore, the learner takes steps to block early access to all academy services. Additionally, no tuition/fee paid by the consumer will be refunded by Mr. Ahmadreza jabalameli or the Chartical Collection. Such actions constitute a unilateral termination of the agreement, and the offending individual waives the right to any objection or complaint.

it is worth noting that Mr. Ahmadreza jabalameli and Chartical Academy reserve the right to introduce the mentioned offending learner as a user of their services and content on social networks. The offending learner also relinquishes any rights and objections in this regard. Furthermore, the offending learner grants Mr. Ahmadreza jabalameli and the Chartical Collection the right and authority to take legal action and pursue legal proceedings regarding copyright infringement in case of any deviation. All the above rules apply to the brand and name of Mr. Ahmadreza Jabalameli and Chartical.

Electronic Signature:

An electronic signature is any type of attached or logically associated mark to the message data used for identifying the signatory (message data). It is utilized through remote communication means, which refers to any means of facilitating the sale of goods and services without simultaneous physical presence of the supplier and consumer. It is used in remote transactions where the offer and acceptance regarding goods and services are conducted through remote communication means, forming a contract without the physical presence of the supplier and consumer.

Whenever the law requires a signature, an electronic signature is sufficient.

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