How to choose the best trading time frame in Price Action

How to choose the best suitable trading time frame in Priceaction
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Many traders face this challenging question: regardless of the type of analysis, what time frame should they choose in their own trading system and analytical method?

First of all, you need to know that markets are dynamic. It is wrong to say that the price moves more in one time frame, so it has more details, or when the time frame is longer, a good method does not work, because it shows that the method used is not smart enough to understand the price movements.

Based on the fact that in the efficient market, the price is a mirror of everything that happens behind the scenes, remember all markets, which have sufficient liquidity and smooth continuous flow of trades, are efficient. One of the features of these markets is that you do not need to know if the news has been published or what happened behind the scenes, but it is enough to understand what the price clearly shows us through the real clues of Priceaction or Behavioral Economics. The type of news, whether it is specific or not, and what effect it can have on the price, does not matter, and it is enough just to know that there is some news.

What advantage does it have for us? None of analytical methods, indicators and so on, let us understand what happened after the sudden price movement. Metaphorically saying – no medicine can bring a dead one back to life.

Those, who work with Jabalameli Price Action Method have always experienced that if they find the market clues and use them correctly, they can already identify the same leap and big market movements. Hence, if we focus on the price through the clues, we actually have everything we need to take a proper decision and we do not need a specific trading time frame. This method is so reliable that it is no longer limited to any time frame, as it gives us clear clues. Remember, whatever method has any limitations in the timeframe, that method won’t really work.

All trading time frames work in Jabalameli Price Action Method

While thousands of people around the world trade on a symbol, servers and trading platforms just receive and execute commands. It happens regardless the time frames and the type of market of trading orders; in fact, it is the price itself that is important in the market, and not the time frame.

Same as the mechanism for implementing commands, we should not limit time frames to identify trading positions.

Be flexible in the market

We have learned so far, that all trading time frames are tradable and we cannot say which time frame is better. All trading time frames are good, once they clearly shows us the clues. Otherwise, it means that only retail traders are present in the market, and there are no institutional traders. If institutional traders are in the market, they will trade logically and the market will become analytical and identifiable in all time frames.

The important point is that some traders, who publish their trades on social media such as Instagram and Youtube, and make very good profits at very low time frames, actually draw out Footprints from the market profile and use them. Unfortunately, these footprints are not published in some markets for everyone to use. Due to the lack of a single authority in the Forex market, or the lack of registration of all trades in a single reference in the cryptocurrency market, it is not possible to use the profile market.

What is the solution?

Without limiting ourselves and our risk management, we have to look for the most readable trading time frame which gives us most clues based on the Price Action method. The market gives us a good position and it is not possible to take the position out of the market, and we must listen to the market command.

However, the safe way is to use daily timeframes. The vision of the institutional traders working globally is not short-term, but long-term time frames. Therefore, these traders and market makers have their daily trading time, if the great traders in the market want to take action, they will see a long-term timeframe.

Once we use Jabalameli Price Action Method correctly, we do not need special trading timeframes. Furthermore, we can trade with stronger probabilities by using the right clues. Hence, it is enough to consider a time frame that is so clear that provides us with the necessary clues.

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