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What is Jabalameli Price Action? Why is it the best trading system in the world? - Chartical | Price Action | Cryptocurrency

What is Jabalameli Price Action? Why is it the best trading system in the world?

This is probably the first time you hear about Jabalameli Price Action.

Do you remember when you went to school for the first time? Do you remember how much time it took to learn reading words and then sentences?

  • Does it matter to you what book you to read after learned to read?
  • Do you follow any special rule for reading the same sentences?
  • Do you put pressure on your brain to study and read?

Knowing Jabalameli Price Action is like knowing how to read.

You learn the language of price.

Therefore, regardless of the selected market and time frame, you can easily predict the future price.

What is Jabalameli Price Action? Why is it the best trading system in the world?

Look at the picture below:

The scheme in the picture above may change your view of economics.                                   

Economics has three subcategories:

  • Neuroeconomics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Classical Economics or Shadow Trading

Look at blue arrows in the picture and imagine that you are going to trade in the market.

Read 5 lines separated by 4 arrows in a row.

When a trader wants to enter the market, at first he uses the perceptions, emotions and commands that are formed in the brain.

The next step is to make decisions for trading, after which the money enters the market and creates supply and demand.

In the next step (that is line 4) the price is formed and then (that is line 5) indicators, oscillators, and patterns are created from the price.

These 5 steps fall into three categories: Neurofinance, Behavioral Finance, and Classical Finance.

Let’s start with Classical Finance that is probably more familiar to you.

Classic Finance or Shadow Trading is the similar to technical analysis and includes a variety of tools.

While trading with indicators, you focus on useless information (shadows) and ignore the price.

This type of trading is widely used in the third world countries as it is advertised a lot.

You may be interested to know that almost more than 90% of the income foreign brokers get from the loss of your trades.

When you lose in a trade, the entire loss goes to their account, yet when you make profit, they connect you to the market.

Hence, trading according to Classical Finance method means facing continuous losses in the trading profession.

Behavioral Finance foresees that

Supply and demand are formed after a trader decides to trade in the market.

Neurofinance explains the relationship between human brain activity and financial behavior

It aims to predict the grounds of a trader’s decisions based on his or her feelings and perceptions in the market.

Where is Jabalameli Price Action Trading in this process?

Jabalameli Price Action is a combination of Behavioral Finance and Neurofinance; 25% of Neurofinance and 75% of Behavioral Finance.

This makes Jabalameli Price Action superior to any tool or indicator in the market.

Be sure to watch the video below to get the definition of Jabalameli Price Action Method from its founder.


What do you get after learning Jabalameli Price Action?

You can easily trade without the slightest stress and anxiety in any market.

You will be so proficient that you can analyze every chart within less than 20 seconds without using any special tools.

The method you learn is much simpler and stronger than indicators like RSI (relative strength index) or patterns like Candle Stick.

You do not need any prerequisites or qualifications to learn this method, and you will be taught trading from A to Z.

Dozens of other benefits are waiting for you. Be sure to watch the video below for more information.


How can you learn Jabalameli Price Action course for free and start right now?

Learning this method, unlike the outdated methods, is completely free, so that all those who are interested in trading can use this opportunity.

 Download Jabalameli Price Action free training course right now!


A capital market trader should know that economics includes three main branches: Classical Finance, Behavioral Finance, and Neurofinance. Classical Finance or shadow trading is similar to technical analysis that is quite outdated in current trading. It is constantly advertised by brokers as they profit directly from your losses, and profiteers, who have not been able to make profit through trading in the market. Jabalameli Price Action is the only method you need to succeed in financial markets. It is derived from Behavioral Finance and Neurofinance and it has nothing to do with any special analytical method or tool. You can download and study the course for free using the link provided in this article.

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