Why does logging a trading journal have a tremendous impact on the fear of trading?

Why does logging a trading journal have a tremendous impact on the fear of trading? priceactionteam jabal ameli

There is no certainty in the market. No one can predict it with 100% certainty. Apparently, if traders could always make correct decisions, they would avoid losses. Therefore, be sure not to trade when the market is not clear and profitable enough.

When a series of unfortunate events happens to traders, they often do things, which they do not really intend to do. Due to such events, the result in the trading account may be so unsatisfying that a trader stop taking actions in many situations, because of the fear to experience stress again. When traders are frightened by losing several trading positions, they even imagine the things making them do something to compensate that.

How to detect and overcome fear

To overcome the fear, we introduce two important points in trading.

  1. Logging a trading journal is essential for traders in order to know what should be considered.
  2. Choosing an efficient method, which suits to the current needs of capital markets, lead a trader to identify profitable trading positions.

These two factors strongly influence the traders’ success, confidence and peace of mind.

Logging a trading journal

At first, review and check your trades. This will show you if there were any mistakes in your trading behavior.

Logging a trading journal, traders become aware of the reality, of what is happening in their trading system. Most of the time, traders do not conclude whether they did the right thing or not, because they keep everything in their mind only. Although they lose, they do usually believe that they took all the steps correctly. Logging a trading journal helps clarify every situation and helps traders be informed in advance by reviewing their own journal before anything happens in the profit or loss zones.

We need to detect the problem to solve it, and the only way to do this and make it clear for a trader is logging a trading journal.

Choose a secure and reliable method

A method is secure and reliable only if:

1) it offers secure positions to enter;

2) it was tested;

3) it is specific to great and influential traders.

Jabalameli Price Action is both reliable and secure. We have been able to train traders and make them successful in this field. Many traders have already tried this method and they are no longer afraid of trading and losing.

Knowing yourself and the market better can be a big step towards achieving success. You can achieve lasting success once identify your problems at first and then solve them accordingly.

Logging a trading journal is an effective way to remove psychological barriers and identify the problems that could be unnoticed. In many cases, traders have valuable positive points that are simply ignored. However, we can detect and strengthen them through logging a trading journal.

At Jabalameli Price Action Academy, you can easily learn how to log a trading journal and achieve the best results. Log your trading journal, keep yourself on the path to success and trade away from anxiety. Do not go for fear.

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