Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

This business has no representative or branch anywhere in the world


Risk Disclosure

Disclaimer of trades, profits and losses in various trading markets, including stocks, currencies, commodities, futures, indices and cryptocurrencies. Trading in these markets may lead to huge losses of all your investment in the market. Therefore, any trades in these markets should only be done within the framework of accepting the existing risks, as well as money management practices.

The definition of investment risk is to invest in these markets only the money that is not vital to the trader. It is strongly recommended that those, who intend to trade in these markets should study all the aspects and risks of these markets in order to gain a clear, definite and correct understanding of trading risk and trade with 100% of their own responsibility.

Training, contents, comments and analyses provided by Ahmadreza Jabalameli, professors, trainers and any knowledgeable people regarding training and trading positions, including online and in-person, as well as web services or related software are not considered as an offer to buy or sell at all, but have only an educational aspect. Due to the general nature of all trading markets, the loss is an integral part of the trading results and performance of all traders who trade with different methods or tools, hence, naturally in market trading, the loss is lurking in the trades.

Jabalameli Financial Group is just a scientific organization that aims to raise the knowledge and awareness of those interested, and has no intention of encouraging or promoting to enter the markets for trading. Therefore, the use of the content, support and free or paid training provided by Jabalameli Financial Group, depends purely on the own perceptions, learning and talent of every individual person.

We also remind you that all the content, training, support, whether free or paid, is only for personal use and the user or learner has no right to provide any training, signal and analysis to others; and in case of violation will be prosecuted according to copyright.

The software or companies introduced by Jabalameli Financial Group are only suggested for the convenience of learners and users, and this group is not responsible for the speed and accuracy of any performance or provision of services or data by those companies and software, and the research and responsibility for using these softwares or companies is entirely on the user. Therefore, any software, service or company introduced by Jabalamel Group has only a suggested aspect and any necessary follow-up for the mentioned services should be done with the relevant companies.

Opening a trading account or any other cooperation with any of the brokerages or exchanges introduced by Jabalamel Group requires and means acceptance of the terms, conditions and text of the contract of the relevant brokerage or exchange agreement by the consumers. Any accuracy and speed of service or support should be followed by all relevant companies.

In order to receive and view the latest version of account opening contracts, risk disclosure statements and trading regulations of the broker in question, clients should refer to the relevant broker’s website or its support department.

Terms of registration refund

Our products and services are useful and effective for people, who take knowledgeable actions according to the defined routine and suggestions and exercises provided by Jabalameli Group regularly and effectively, and most importantly, they write journals (so that the strengths and weaknesses can be evaluated by experts in the relevant journal).

Full refund is only possible up to 7 days after registration.

Refund after seven days from the completion of registration for in-person courses:

It is subject to deduction of reservation and accommodation costs, plane tickets, usage costs, initial commissions of services and bedding costs, which can be refunded up to a maximum of 20% of the course payment.

Refund after seven days from the completion of registration for online courses:

It is subject to deductions for the period of use and initial commissions of services and bedding costs, which can be refunded up to a maximum of 20% of the course payment.

Signing a digital contract

This contract is concluded remotely and is accepted using telecommunications, and the parties to the contract sign it by an electronic signature and pressing the confirmation button at the bottom of the page, according to Article 10 of the Civil Code and the form of religious and legal sale is thus done between the parties.

The buyer has committed to purchase the services of Jabalameli Exchange Trading Academy carefully and personally from the mentioned organization and has concluded this contract without any coercion and reluctance and with full accuracy and health and satisfaction.

The sold services will not be canceled in any way and the seller will not be liable for the return of services. The seller is required to provide annual support for the services sold to the buyer.

According to Article 12 of the Law on Value Added Tax, the amount of 9% as value added tax and duties of this law is the responsibility of the buyer, and is received from the buyer at the time of purchase.

Article 2 E-Commerce

Electronic Signature

It is any type of mark attached or logically attached, (message data) that is used to identify the signer (message data).


It is any type of device that is used to sell goods and services without the simultaneous physical presence of the supplier and the consumer.

Remote contract

Requirement and acceptance of goods and services between the supplier and the consumer using telecommunications.

Article 7 E-Commerce

Electronic signature is sufficient whenever the law deems it necessary to have a signature.

Article 10 Civil

Private contracts are binding on those who have concluded them, unless they are expressly contrary to the law. This contract was concluded in accordance with Articles 2 and 7 of the Electronic Commerce Law and Article 10 of the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is required between the parties.

Not every graduate has 100% success in any major or field of study, and people who have enough talent and perseverance in that field will succeed. Hence, naturally, our training and support does not guarantee 100% success for everyone.

If the knowledgeable learners have any criticism, suggestion or objection towards our educational services, first of all, they should raise their problem, considering the possibility of direct communication with the relevant professor or managers, and if they do not reach a logical and customary conclusion, they can reconsider their issue through the Dispute Resolution Council, and they do not have the right to disturb the mind or tarnish the status by complaining to the powerful judicial authorities.

Objections or criticisms are accepted from learners who have used at least 90% of our services and support effectively. This issue can be tracked through user assessment systems that are third-party legal entities.

Conditions for temporary or permanent interruption of knowledge access

Due to social and tax security issues and the rules of the Exchange Organization, and more importantly, the privacy of professors and trainers, we are exempt from providing trades or their history, and in case of repeated request, margins or any inconvenience, the offender will lose access to services and no tuition will be refunded.

Any exchange of contact number or group link (WhatsApp, Telegram, Club House, etc.) between students in the online workshop, live coaching, and online education system is prohibited. If observed in the first warning, the access of the offending person or persons will be cut off for 1 month, and if it continues, it can lead to the student losing permanent access to the online education system.

Any attempt by learners to obtain confirmation from the instructors to enter the trade and request from the instructor to receive a signal or confirmation of the entry point or to obtain approval for the trade will result in a warning and termination of access to services for one month. And if it continues, the access will be permanently cut off.

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